12th of July, 2023

Introduction #ártemixTV® on LinkedIn Live

We are so excited about the launch of our new tool that we do not want to miss the opportunity to tell you that when summer […]
13th of June, 2023

Luxury Café Virtual with Borja Zamacola

“I believe in that hybrid of how technology can help in the retail world” Borja Zamacola General Manager at Joyería Suarez. Watch on YouTube and/or listen […]
10th of May, 2023

The keys and strategies of Javier Arrevola

“Without bookstores, books would not exist. That is, if the shopping experience were only online, people would stop buying books” Javier Arrevola CEO at Casa del […]
9th of May, 2023

Data Mapics Powered by Abacus

How to evolve a media agency by projecting more and more value to our clients. We help retail professionals along the entire retail value chain to […]
9th of May, 2023

Introducing Artemix, Glocally’s Connected TV Technology

After the launch of LastMile®, our group’s Geo Contextualization tool, which allows us to obtain valuable information from a multitude of data sources: about our tastes, […]
9th of May, 2023

Glocally launches Cantábrica de Medios

The launch of a business unit that works for national clients in an area of Spain is something that we had been thinking about and preparing […]