31st of January, 2023

KickOff 2023 El Escorial edition

On January 19 and 20 the KickOff Glocally was held in El Escorial, two days where the whole team of the 9 cities where we operate […]
5th of January, 2023

7 years since the beginning of a dream

This month marks 7 years since the start of Glocally back in 2015. I remember it as if it were yesterday. It all started as these […]
21st of December, 2022

MediaMarkt and its new Tech Village store

The Glocally team made the opening of the new MediaMarkt Majadahonda store, and it was a great success. 😉 In this video you can see all […]
6th of December, 2022

Iván Sanchez: The new voice of retail

Iván Sánchez, CEO of Núñez de Arenas: “I have great gratitude to the team that has helped us over the years and I am proud to […]
23rd of November, 2022

Teresa Verdugo’s vision

Teresa Verdugo, CEO of Nhood Spain: “Shopping centers are living spaces.” Watch on YouTube and/or listen on Spotify We give you a preview of some highlights: […]
4th of November, 2022

Virtual Café Season 1

When we started our Virtual Coffee space, we never thought that Retail leaders would welcome us with open arms and such closeness. It has been a […]